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Ripley Housing

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Ripley Housing

Ripley & Gallaway,


Founded in 1960, Ripley Housing was created to serve the City of Ripley, Tennessee.

Ripley Housing is a small but progressive and proactive agency and the largest provider of affordable housing in Lauderdale County, TN. The Agency currently owns 325 affordable housing units located within the city limits of Ripley and Gallaway, TN. We proudly serve in excess of 600 people, most of whom are seniors, disabled individuals, and children.

In 2019, the agency embarked on an agency wide strategic planning process with the following objectives: diversify revenue streams, create opportunities of self-sufficiency for low-income families, modernize our existing housing stock, expand the availability of affordable rental housing and homeownership, reduce blight and contribute to the economic stability and growth of the community.

As we see the demand for affordable housing increase, the limited affordable housing supply we currently have available is not enough to house the hundreds of families in need. As a primary provider of rental housing, we want to expand the footprint of availability of both affordable and market housing options for low- and moderate-income and working families.

Please visit our website often for the latest news and announcements regarding Ripley Housing and our work in the community.

Ripley Housing's mission is building purpose, creating safe communities, and providing great homes.
Map showing the location of Ripley in Tennessee

Serving the Communities of
Ripley in Lauderdale County
Gallaway in Fayette County