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Please call our office to place a work order.

Telephone number and hours for maintenance emergencies Monday-Thursday after 6:00 pm. All day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

For After Hour Emergencies - Please call 731.413.5665.

Emergency Services are available for:

  1. No heat when it's below 50 degrees outside.
  2. No air conditioning when it's above 85 degrees outside.
  3. Gas leak or Gas Odor
  4. Water flooding apartment.
  5. Total power failure of unit (not general failure).
  6. Stopped up commode in ONE BEDROOM APARTMENTS ONLY.
  7. Pilot light out on cookstove.
  8. A total outage of the refrigerator.
  9. Locked out of your apartment. ($55.00 service charge)
  10. Smoke/carbon monoxide alarm inoperable.

Fire, Police, and/or Ambulance


*If maintenance comes out and considers your call NOT an emergency, you are subject to a $55.00 service charge and the work order will be repaired on the next working day.

*Please remember that ALL emergencies are subject to a service charge.