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About Us

We believe that with a stable home and solid foundation, residents will strive to become self-sufficient, empowered members of our community. 

The mission of Ripley Housing is to create a path for residents to become self-sufficient by providing services and affordable housing in safe communities.

The vision of Ripley Housing is to be a cornerstone of self-sufficiency and to be a major partner in providing affordable housing in the community.

Ripley Housing Strategic Priorities

  1. Increase resident self-sufficiency through targeted service offerings and actions to improve Resident involvement while being sensitive to the needs of special populations.
  2. Preserve and modernize the existing real-estate portfolio while creating new affordable housing options throughout the community.
  3. Build partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations to develop greater, diverse financial resources to fund affordable housing and resident services.
  4. Create an organizational culture of strong customer service by investing in our employees and business infrastructure.

Our website is designed to present business transparency for our families, commissioners, business partners, community stakeholders and the general public and we invite you to visit often. 

For more information on the housing programs and initiatives provided by Ripley Housing, please contact our office.