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Public Housing Lease Termination Notice 02/22/2021


February 22, 2021



Dear Resident:


On May 19, 2019, Ripley Housing Authority (RHA) launched an effort to convert its Public Housing Program to the Section 8 Project Based Rental Assistance Program through the Department of Housing & Urban Development's Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD). RHA is nearing the end of this conversion process and we expect to launch the new Project Based Rental Assistance Program on April 1, 2021.


The regulations governing the Project Based Rental Assistance Program requires the use of a HUD Form lease (Form HUD-90105a). For this reason, it is necessary for RHA to cancel the Public Housing Lease that you are currently observing.


Per your Lease Section 17(d) and State of Tennessee law - this letter serves as your written Notice of Lease Cancellation. Your Lease will expire on March 31, 2021.


On or around the end of February or beginning of March, RHA staff will be working towards execution of your new HUD Form lease and applicable addendums/house rules that will be effective April 1, 2021. The new HUD Form lease will expire as normal on your move-in anniversary date. Please be attentive to any subsequent communication from the RHA office since notices scheduling the signing of new leases will be forthcoming.


Thank you for your time and attention in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the RHA office.



Justin Jones

Executive Director