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Resident Notice – Excess Utilities & Monthly Utility Allowances (1/21/2020)

Resident Notice - Excess Utilities & Monthly Utility Allowances (1/21/2020)
To: Ripley Housing Authority (RHA) Residents

Ripley Housing Authority (RHA) has completed its annual review of the Public Housing Utility Allowances and Excess Utilities and encourages residents to review the proposed updates and supporting documentation.

RHA records and documents that provide the basis for the proposed updates are available for review during normal business hours at the following location: 101 Northcrest Street, Ripley TN 38063.

Effective Date of Implementation: 3/1/2020
Requests for relief from surcharges for excess consumption, payment of supplier billings in excess of the allowances for resident purchased utilities, may be granted by RHA on reasonable grounds, such as special needs for the elderly, ill or disabled residents, or special factors, on a case by case basis. Such relief may be initiated by written request for this accommodation.